Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Ally (20 months) and Penelope (12 months)
Grandmother, Mamaw, Ally, Uncle Neal
Mamaw, Aunt Katie, Ally, and Justin
Justin, Ally, and Mandy
Ally loving the snow!

Merry Christmas! I am sorry we are a little late on this posting, but things were a little crazy over the holidays. They were great, but crazy. We spent the first week of the holiday break in Brookville and then the second week back at home. The week in Brookville was great and filled with snow. Ally loved the snow!! There was about 6 in. of snow on the ground when we arrived and then when we left we got to drive in snow the entire 8 hr. trip home. So we had snow again in Atlanta when we arrived. I guess it was the first time since the 1800's it has snowed on Christmas day in Atlanta.
Thankfully we arrived back home safely b/c the roads were not bad at all. When we got back home we got to spend some time with our niece Penelope. The girls had a great time together playing. Oh and I say my brother and sister-n-law too :).
This Christmas was filled of toys and fun. Allyson seemed to have a lot more fun with Christmas this year. Some of her favorite gifts were the penguin pillow pet, princess little people house, gotta go potty baby, and her own chair. But, even with all of these great gifts here favorite gift has been her doll and stroller from her Aunt Jenny. She loves this stroller and doll!! When she wakes up for from nap her words are, "walk baby". As in can we go for a walk and bring baby along. Yes she loves it! Thank you Aunt Jenny! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! We will be posting different pictures and a few different videos from the week.

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