Sunday, October 24, 2010

Great weekend with Mamaw and Grandpa

We started the weekend with some Friday night football and then we continued the weekend with lots of fun. Thankfully Ally was on her best behavior the whole weekend and showed her Mamaw and Grandpa what a cute little girl she is. We had a blast all weekend and we cant wait for them to come back to visit and babysit :).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PJ and Ally meeting the first time

This past weekend was Jenny's wedding and everyone was in town for that. It was the first time Penelope and Allyson got to meet. I think the meeting went great, even better than I expected. Of course she got a little jealous, but not at what I thought she would. She didn't care if I held PJ, but she was not happy when Grandma held her. In fact she jumped out of my arms to go to Grandmas. I thought that was pretty funny. We can't wait for Christmas to see everyone again!!

Here are a few videos from apple picking and picking out a pumpkin

Poor girl kept picking the bad apples, so I feel like all I say in the video is No. Hopefully when you watch you will see why. She likes the ones that people have already eaten. Finally she does find a good one though.