Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sometimes rules are made to be broken :)

Spring time in Atlanta is great! Well besides the pollen and other allergies it is a great time of year. During this time of year there are tons of different festivals around town. We went to one the other weekend and we found the best stand of all. We found the Krispy Kream Donut stand. This stand was not only Krispy Kream donuts, but they were giving away free donuts!!! Not only just the wonderful glazed donuts, but you could get your donut dipped in warm chocolate with sprinkles. Yes, it was wonderful!! (that is what I got, Justin got a plain donut) Well with the free donuts and Ally almost being 1 year old with we decided it was only far to let her try one of the glazed donuts. Just try, I promise. Well if you can imagine she loved the donut. Loved!! It was great to see her face and then asking for more.

Birthday, birthday, and birthday...

April is one busy month for us. We start the month off with Aunt Katie's birthday (April 2), second Grandma's (April 3), next Papa's (April 16), following that is Ally's (April 23), and then finally Justin's (April 24). Yes, April is one busy month!! We also get to celebrate Justin's parents anniversary (April 24). This year was even more special b/c we got to celebrate a 60th, 1st, and 30th birthday this month. We did it a little out of order, but we had a great time celebrating everyone's special day. Justin got a surprise party a month early (I know early, but that was the only way to make it work), then a family get together for Papa's 60th, and lastly another family/friend gathering for Ally's 1st birthday. It has been one very special month!! Here are a few pictures from Papa's 60th. I will be posting soon about Ally's first. Stay tuned!

A new friend

Ally got to play with a great new friend, Colin. Adam, Gina, and Colin came to visit us on their way down to FL. We had a great dinner and then headed over to the park to work off dinner. We had a great time!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


In between our trips from Indianapolis and Louisville, Easter came. It was a crazy weekend, but again it was perfect how it worked out. It was wonderful to be able to spend the holiday with some family. Originally we had planned on staying here in Atlanta for the holiday and then head up to Louisville after that. Well things changed when Butler was headed to the Final Four in Indianapolis. Thankfully we have great family and friends in Georgia, Indiana, and Louisville that understood why plans were changing suddenly and we were going to be heading up early and leaving family during the holiday. Anyway, it all worked out great and Ally even got to do an Easter egg hunt on a beautiful Easter Sunday. It was a wonderful day and I am so glad we got to spend time with family, even though it was crazy and full of Butler love too. Thank you to everyone who helped make this Easter holiday one to remember for ever.

March Madness

So... If you haven't heard Butler made it to the championship game. And yes, this was a huge part of our lives this past month. In fact it took up most weekends and the Thursday or Friday leading up to the weekend. WOW!!! It was just about awesome and I am even more excited that we had a wonderful little one to share it with. I mean we finally have someone in the family that we can try and convince to go to Butler. We already decided that we are going to do a yearly summer trip to Butler and get pictures next to the bulldog and the BU. You will see some from last year and get ready for some this year, b/c our little girl is going to be a bulldog!!! Ok we have a long time until then, but our fingers are crossed for someone to return to Indiana to the real school, Butler. Sorry Ben, Jess, and Neal Butler wins in our family. GO BU!!