Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a few new pictures of the decorations we added and one of Anna testing out the stroller

Allyson is just as snug as bug in a rug...

Yes, Allyson is taking her time and making sure she is as healthy as she can be. I have been to the doctor a few times and he says that he is seeing some progress, but it is moving a little slow. SLOW!!! Just kidding, we are getting anxious and excited about her arrival. We are also trying to enjoy your last couple of days/weeks together without her. I have to say Anna (our dog) has been getting some crazy attention recently. She is just eating up being the only "child" in the house for now. Our fingers are crossed that everything will transition smoothly when Allyson arrives and that Anna does not get too jealous. Hopefully the next post will be "heading to the hospital." I go back to the doctor on Friday so we will see what he says. I am hoping the slow progress has sped up a little :). 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

38 weeks and waiting...

So, I guess no baby over spring break. I think our little Allyson is pretty happy right where she is. She has been a little more active the past couple of days, but not enough to come on out. The doctor keeps saying she is doing just fine. I go back on Monday, so we will see what he says then. In some ways we are so ready for her, but in other ways we are not. I guess you are never totally ready for them. Sleeping has gotten pretty much impossible so that has not  been fun. I am either up to pee or just awake b/c I am totally uncomfortable. I never believed that I would not be able to sleep but it has definitely come true this past week. I hear that is a sign that she will be here soon. I told my sister I was willing to trade in uncomfortable sleep for 2 hours of comfortable sleep when Allyson arrives. We will see if I regret saying this :) We will keep you updated. I guess it is day to day these next couple of days. YEA!!!