Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go Eagles!!

Here are a few pictures from the first football game of the season. I was very nervous taking Ally to the game b/c this was her first game that she was very active. Well to my surprise she did great! I mean I didn't see much of the game, but we heard about two touchdowns and some other close calls. It should be a great season and I am excited I can bring her to even more games.

Friday, August 20, 2010

All Smiles, well most of the time...

This past week we started school and Ally started going to daycare full time. (This summer she just went 3 days a week for about 4 weeks). I didn't think going back to daycare full time would be a problem at all b/c she went throughout the summer and had no problems at all. She was actually happy to go I think. Well she was not a happy camper at all about starting again. I would leave her crying and trying to grab at me. It was not an easy way to start a new school year for me. I was almost in tears myself every morning. Then when I would pick her, she wasn't having good days either. We were all wondering what was going on and why she was so grumpy. It seemed natural to think it was just getting into the swing of things again. (at least that is what I tell myself). Once the weekend came around I noticed Ally had some gunk in her eyes. Each day it got a little worse, until Monday morning when she couldn't open her eye. I thought she must have pink eye. So I took Monday off to take her to the Dr. and check her out. I am still thinking she has pink eye, b/c around her eye was red and she had gunk in her eyes. Well it turns out she had an ear infection. I was like what!! I had no idea. The poor girl was so stuffed up everything was draining from her eyes. I had no idea she was stuffed up. I have been thinking back on the week and I am mad I didn't see the signs. I guess I have learned if she is grumpy and not having good days something must be wrong. She doesn't get fevers or even show regular signs, just being moody and grumpy. I guess I am learning more and more of how to "read" my child. The problem is she keeps changing her signs. Hopefully one day I will be able to catch up with her. At least we got some medicine and she is feeling much better, having great days again, and even smiling.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Even more projects

We hung up Ally's picture frame outside her room.
This was the surprise. We had to get our ceiling fixed b/c of water damage due to the air conditioner. We had water damage in 5 rooms. Thankfully it was not too bad, but bad enough that it needed to get fixed.
We finally got a new ceiling fan.

I do have to thank Justin for letting me get all of these projects done this summer. Some were done by us and some done by professionals. Anyway, it was a very productive summer and now we are ready for a very productive winning fall. Go Eagles!!

A summer full of projects

We fixed our door bell. It woks now!
We got new floors downstairs!! We love them!!
We made Ally a playroom. She loves it!!
We added a backsplash and new floors to the kitchen!!
We fixed the handle to our screen door. (Dave this is for you :)

As I type this now I realize I will be at work tomorrow at this time. And well I will be at work at this time until next summer pretty much. (OK I know we have weekends and some holidays, but just feel sorry for me for a second :). I do feel it is a time to reflect for a second though about what happened this summer and how it was as always such a success. We started the summer off with a trip to the beach. It was Ally's first time at the beach and our first family trip. The trip was a huge success and I understand why families go to the beach every year. There is constant entertainment, always a place to nap, and plenty to eat. It was great. After that we were home for a few days and then headed up to Louisville and Indiana. Those trips are always fun too b/c we get to see family and friends and find time to relax a little too. We always seem to make time for shopping too. Once we got back from those two trips our busy summer kind of started. Justin was in full swing of summer football stuff and I had started summer school. I know most people must think I am crazy for teaching summer school, but it really was not that bad. While I was teaching summer school we decided to start some of the home improvement projects we wanted to do this summer. Some were small and some were big. I still don't believe it, but they all actually got done. Including some surprise ones when our air conditioner stopped working and starting leaking. Wonderful!!
Then before I knew it I was done with summer school and I got 2 1/2 weeks to just chill with our girl. These two weeks have been awesome!!! In some ways I wish I had all of the weeks of summer, but it did make these two weeks even better. Before I know it we will be in the middle of a football season and working hard to continue the school year. It was another wonderful summer, and I can't wait to start planning for the next one :).

Let's Play a Game!

Look at the picture below. What does not belong in this picture?

If you guessed the cute pink flip flop next to the onion and green pepper you are correct. So the other night Ally was in the fridge with me while I was grabbing a few things. Somehow while I was transporting things or something, she stuck her flip flop in the drawer. Can you believe this?!? Justin and I just about died of laughter later this evening when we found this in the drawer. It all started coming together then b/c she threw a major fit when I made her get out of the fridge, but I thought it was just another one of the screaming, throwing the head back fits that we have been seeing more recently. But, no she really just wanted her shoe back. Then I felt bad, but at least I know she went to bed happy so I was able to do the same as well. I thought this was a pretty funny one so I had to share this with everyone.