Monday, November 22, 2010

Shutterfly Cards

It is that time of year again when I love going to the mailbox. I was actually getting mail yesterday thinking, is sending out cards before Thanksgiving even allowed... Even if it is not I was still hoping I would get a Christmas card in the mail. I don't have any yet, but I am sure they will be coming soon.
This year we are going to get our cards from Shutterfly because they have a great deal going for people that have a blog. I think this is great b/c I always end up posting the holiday card on the blog every year as well. I can't wait to show off the one that we finally decide on. I don't know what is harder when designing a card, picking the perfect card, or finding the best picture for the card. Thankfully Shutterfly has tons of card to choose from this year.
This year I am trying to decide between two. I am a big fan of Santa so I like my card to have a Santa some where on the card. This year though they have photo message cards that I am a big fan of because you get the picture and include a few details about your family as well. Here are a few of those examples-
There are many more examples of these as well.
I can spend hours looking at cards and pictures. Thankfully Shutterfly has so many to choose from.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hair and bows

Ally will be 19 months next week and I am finally able to make this post. Her hair is growing!! We are very excited about this. She has gone from some hair at birth to bold at 3 months and now slowly but surely getting more and more hair now. With her hair growing like crazy I figured it was time for bows too. This past weekend I had my first lesson in making bows. It was a blast and I even made Ally three of them. Can you believe that?!?! I attached the bow pictures as well as a picture of Ally's hair blowing while she turns so you can see a good shot of her really growing hair.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life as a Mom

I remember preparing to become a mother and everyone telling me I would miss the sleep and the quiet time. Yea, I do remember those great times. I also remember everyone telling me you will talk about poop more than you ever thought you would, and well that is true too. I have realized though there are a few things that people forgot to mention to me.

1. Your memory never comes back.
2. Daily I walk out of my house with banana, milk, or cheerios on stuck to me
3. I worry more of what Ally eats, how much she ate, what she didn't eat, and how much she snuck to the dog that I forget to eat.
4. I actually was excited about Halloween this year.
I decided to start this random list b/c I did one of the craziest thing yesterday that I didn't even realize until it was too late. I went to school with 2 different shoes on!! Yes!! At least they were both black and not too crazy different, but they were still different.

I love being a mom, but I have found myself doing things that just crack me up, that I would never believe I would do now. I am sure this list will continue to grow through the years and the kiddos to come. But as of now I still can't believe I went to school with two different shoes on!! I hope I might get a few posts of some crazy things that my other mom friends have done so I don't feel so bad.