Monday, October 12, 2009

photos from the weekend

Busy, busy weekend

This past weekend we were so lucky to have a 4 day weekend! We have never gotten a four day weekend in October before, so this was very exciting. Now the down side of this is we didn't get paid for one of the days, but oh well all of the fun made up for no money. We started the weekend Thursday night by watching another Eagles win. They are 6-0 right now!! Then on Friday we had family chill day, and boy was it nice!! On Saturday we got some profession photographs taken. We had been planning on getting these photos taken for months now and the weather was not in our favor. There was a 60-80% chance of rain all day long. Needless to say we were totally worried that we wouldn't be able to get them taken. Well somehow every forecaster in GA was wrong b/c it didn't rain a drop on us we got our whole hour session in. Yea!! I promise you will see tons of these photos as soon as we do. Ally did great and I can't wait to see the results. On Sunday Ally and I went with some friends up to Ellijay, GA to a pumpkin patch and apple orchard. It was a blast, but crazy crowded. I think everyone must of had the same idea we had. I felt so bad b/c I put Ally between two pumpkins to hold her up. I was laughing so hard at this I can't believe any of the pictures came out. She looked so funny to me. Thankfully we got a few good shots though. Hopefully before the season is over we will be able to get a family photo together (Justin couldn't come b/c of football meetings and preparing for one of the biggest games of the season, lets go eagles!!). Then on Monday we went to go visit Great Grandpa. He was so glad to see us and show us off to all of is friends. Like I said it was a busy, busy weekend. I have learned though everything is so much more fun with Ally. I can't believe I am saying this, but it is so true. The weekends are the best these days!! Fall is here and we are loving it.