Friday, January 29, 2010

my jumping bean

Allyson is so much fun right now. Well, at least she makes us laugh that is for sure. I do think she does have one problem though. She loves to play!! It is ruling her life. She used to be a great napper and take at least 2 great naps a day is not 3 or 4 little ones. Well now we are lucky to get one b/c every time we put her in the pack n play to sleep she stands up and starts jumping, smiling, and laughing. She is never mad she is in the pack n play, but she sure is not going to go to sleep anytime soon. The other day at day care she woke up another baby next to her b/c she was jumping and laughing. The best is when Justin and I try and hide from her so she is not watching us. Well, you know we can only hide for so long and every time we peek to see how she is doing, well she is looking straight at us smiling her big smile. As Jenny (one of her aunts,my sis) would say, we might be in trouble. But, for now we are just going to enjoy her smile and laugh b/c it cracks us up every day.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Same video with a twist

So, I talked with my brother today and he told me about some cool stuff he was doing with I-movie. Well, I was dying to try some of it out. Please understand I am home by myself and I have been since Thursday so needless to say I am not thinking that straight right now and that might explain the new video. I couldn't resist. It just cracked me up so I had to post it. I still have lots to learn to live up to Big Hat Productions, but I am hoping I am heading in the right direction. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pulling up video

Here is the video of one of the first times Ally pulled up on something. Her Aunt Katie got this great box of pots and pans for Christmas that was just the right size for her. If you watch the video you will see just how proud of herself she was once she made it all the way up. It is so cute. It makes you think and appreciate those simple challenges you face everyday. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The pictures that usually don't make it

A friend gave me an idea to share some of the photos that don't usually make the blog. I started looking at them and they are pretty funny. You will get an idea of how on the move Allyson is these days. I realized she has her mouth wide open in all of them. It tells a lot about her also because she has learned to scream out all of the time, and well it has turned into another one of her favorite things to do. I think it means we might be in for a wild ride ahead of us. They are pretty funny!! Enjoy!!

The Holidays

We have had a great two weeks off of school celebrating Christmas and the New Year. Can you believe it is 2010? I do have to say I like saying 20 10 better than 2000 9. You get what I am saying. Maybe it is a teacher thing. Anyway, you are not going to believe what started over these two weeks. Ally got two teeth!! Just like that her two bottom teeth came in. I am working on getting a picture of those beautiful whites. Then thanks to her Aunt Katie's pot and pans Ally started pulling herself up and standing. We have a great video of this, but I left this in Indiana. Don't worry it is in the mail soon so I will be able to post it soon. Once she started standing she has been pulling up on everything she can. One of her favorite places to stand up is the bath tub!! Can you believe this? I mean of all the safe places we have in the house, no she likes to stand up in the bath tub. Needless to say I am watching her carefully and we are already working on the word NO. Here are a few pictures from our holiday. They start with Christmas Eve at church and then they move onto opening presents and enjoying time with family.