Thursday, July 29, 2010

Am I raising a Diva?

Check out this girl!! Can you believe her? I hope you really look at her too b/c she not only got my sunglasses out of my bag she was demanding to wear around her new shoes. But if you look closely she ended up taking one of them off. So she was walking around with my one shoe, sunglasses on, and a toy in her hand. I know it is pretty dangerous for a new walker, but I was following behind her closely to make sure she was safe.
We have also started something new this week. When she is not happy about something or wants to do something different she decides to scream with dislike. I am trying to decide what would be worse, her saying No or the scream. I am afraid the No is coming soon though. I am trying my hardest though to not use the word No all of the time so it will take longer for her to pick up. We will see though, these days ever corner we turn she seems to find something to get in to that she is not supposed to and well the word No comes out. She loves to reach for things on shelves and tables. Oh and we are really close to opening, closing, and I am afraid locking doors. Any of my parents friends that read this please let me know if you have any tips on this b/c I am afraid she will be locked in a bathroom or bedroom before we know it.
Well watch out we have a diva on our hands and she might be coming to visit you soon :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Reading Machine

These days Ally is on the move at all times unless she has a book in her hands. She has learned the word book and it seems that anything she can find to read she picks it up and brings it to us. So most of the day and night we here book, book, book. It is pretty funny. The funny thing is she tries so hard to say all of the words in the book too. If you listen carefully at the beginning of the video on the yellow page she is saying banana. She says "anana". It is pretty cute if you ask me. In the video we had to take a little poop break, but don't worry we edited that part out. You will see though that didn't stop her, she just keeps on reading and going strong.

* Sorry the video is not working. Hopefully it will be up and working again soon.*

Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally!!! I can't believe I was the last!!

This past weekend I went to go visit my niece Penelope Jean in Washington DC. She was born Dec. 16th and I just got up to see her. I promise I have been keeping up with here through skype, blogging, and phone calls. I promise I am still a good Aunt and I really tried to put that hat on this weekend. I have to say it was a blast!! I mean being an Aunt is awesome b/c you can give your niece the remote and not worry about the consequences to follow. So guess what, she got the remote :). I even let her play in the sink with a spoon :). Oh yea, we broke the rules :)
It is just so exciting to see how families grow. It is amazing how our family decided to grow at once. I think it is making it even better. I can't wait for Ally and Penelope to meet in person one day. They are going to become great friends and cousins one day.

4th of July

She is always on the move now.
Our failed attempt at trying to recreate last years cute 4th of July picture.
Last year on the 4th! Can you believe how time flies!!

Fourth of July always has two meanings for us, 1. celebrating summer and America all in one. 2. summer is half way over :(. I guess that is the definition of summer for a two teacher house hold. This year was no different. We had a great 4th of July weekend. I am teaching summer school this year and the best part of the budget shortfall is 4 day weeks, which is wonderful. So I had Friday-Monday off of school. Justin had those days off too, which was lots of fun. With the 4th being on Sunday this year most of the festivities took place on the 3rd here, which worked out great for us. We started the 3rd with a parade in downtown Stone Mountain, and then Mom and I headed to Phantom of the Opera at the Fox. I know it is not very patriotic, but it was still fun. Then on the 4th Justin and I ran the Peachtree Road Race. I know it was a crazy kind of last minute discussion, but thankfully it all worked out. We are always afraid to sign up for a number because we never know if we will train and be ready for the race. Well for some reason this year, we or me actually trained and was ready for the race. Thankfully we were able to find two numbers and run the race together. It went great and the weather was fabulous for the start of the race. Then on Monday we went on a family trip to Ikea. I love that place!! They had lots of new stuff and some fun stuff to look at for Ally. We are in the process of turning the downstairs room into a playroom for her, so we found some stuff to help with that project. It was a successful trip!!